Verifone Outage Impacting Interac Chip/PIN Transactions

ADVISORY: Interac has confirmed a hardware terminal issue impacting all financial institutions causing recently issued debit cards to be declined at Verifone point of sale terminals. These cards will continue to function as expected at ATMs, via contactless (Interac Flash), and other vendor merchant terminals. Verifone has identified the problem and we are awaiting a resolution.

UPDATE Jan 24 from data provide:   We wish to advise that there is currently an issue at some merchant locations, as a result of a software update, on their point of sale devices. Unfortunately, this is resulting in cards issued in 2019 (debit & credit) being declined.

If you experience an issue with your debit card you could:
• Split your transaction in two to allow for contactless transactions.  (ie – “Tap” is not affected)
• Recommend members to have cash on hand as a back up until this issue is resolved.