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Margery Nichol, General Manager

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"Be a lifelong learner, be resilient, be open to change, express your opinions... and keep a positive attitude!"

-Margery Nichol, GM

September 2021

Happy Autumn!! I consider myself very fortunate to live in New Brunswick. My drive in to work each morning is always beautiful but the Fall colors make it spectacular. Mother Nature certainly knows how to put on a show.


Once again, we are having to deal with stricter restrictions as our province continues to fight this pandemic. We have had to go back to wearing masks while in our building and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation. As always it is our priority to keep you, as well as our staff, as safe as possible. Consumer behavior has changed. We have seen a decrease in the number of people coming in the branch to conduct business. We have members throughout the province, and we have been looking after their financial needs for 50 years. When you call the credit union a real person answers the phone, and you don’t have to go through 5 menus before they do. We are always looking for ways to make doing business with us easy and convenient. We love having you come in the branch, but we also understand that this may not always be possible or even desired by many of you. Members have the option to add their debit cards to their mobile wallets. Again, this is another way we have made your credit union account easier to access. This eliminates the need to carry your physical card. Perfect for those times when carrying a purse or wallet isn’t convenient or even the best option.


I want to take a minute to remind everyone to set up alerts for your mobile and on-line banking. Alerts are a great way to help protect yourself from unauthorized access to your account in the event of fraud. You can have a text sent to you when your account is logged into, a new bill payee has been added and more. Alerts are free, easy to set up and are another layer of protection for your accounts. I encourage everyone to add them as soon as possible.


The pandemic has caused a lot of us to reconsider where our priorities lay. Many people have decided to take early retirement or to at least look at when retirement may be possible. NBTA Credit Union has a special rate on consolidation loans. Retiring debt free allows you a great deal of freedom. Take some time to consider what your situation would look like if you didn’t have loan, mortgage, or credit card payments every month. Our Personal Banking Officers, Shawnalynn, Dawna and Kristy, would be happy to discuss your options.


As I mentioned earlier, we have been in operation for 50 years and to mark the occasion we have several initiatives on the go. We are completing 50 random acts of kindness. Each month we replace a few twenty dollar bills in our ATM with fifty dollar bills. We are also looking for testimonials or stories you may have about your experience with NBTA Credit Union. These can be sent to our Marketing Manager, Mark Gorman.


Finally, I would like to tell you how NBTA Credit Union plans to acknowledge the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Our Board of Directors felt it was important that we show our support. The credit union will be closed. We didn’t just want September 30th to be a paid day off and we have decided staff would be required to complete a course on Indigenous Awareness and the history and importance of Truth and Reconciliation. The course was created in partnership with the First Nations University of Canada. When I discussed this with our directors they unanimously asked to be enrolled in the course as well. Another reason I am proud to work at NBTA Credit Union.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this difficult time. Please observe all government warnings and social distancing/self-isolation recommendations. We will be meeting regularly to reassess how to best serve you during this unprecedented time. Stay safe!

– Margery Nichol, General Manager