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Margery Nichol, General Manager

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"Be a lifelong learner, be resilient, be open to change, express your opinions... and keep a positive attitude!"

-Margery Nichol, GM

July 2022

Summer is in full swing, and this past week has certainly been a hot one. I see gardens growing, farmers are getting their hay in the barn and people are heading to the nearest, lake, river, or ocean. You can feel the strength of the sun in just a few minutes of exposure so remember to apply lots of sunscreen, drink lots of water and check on folks living alone.


The temperature isn’t the only thing rising. Interest rates have also gone up with the increase in Prime rate. This means the interest rate on our Member Life Savings Accounts is increasing effective August 1, 2022. Also, we are offering a special rate on our 2 and 5 year term deposits. We are offering 4.25% on a 2 year term deposit and 4.60% on a 5 year term deposit. These are available on a minimum balance of $100.00. They can be held on their own, or within your RRSP and/or your TFSA as well. Any of our Personal Banking Officers would be happy to talk about the best option for you.


NBTA Credit Union has been very busy with mortgages, Greener Home Loans and Paving loans. We are seeing an increased demand for loans for e-bikes. This fits in our Greener Home Loans and the rate is Prime plus 1%. The rate is locked in for a 3 year term and the loan can be amortized over 5 years.


If you are even just thinking about purchasing a home, you should contact us. We can pre-approve you for a mortgage and we will hold the rate we quote you for 120 days. You will be able to see how much you qualify to borrow, what you will need for a downpayment, and have any questions you may have answered before you start to shop.


Coming soon: Two Factor Authentication

We are improving security for your accounts when using our on-line banking services. You will soon be asked to use a second method to verify your identity when logging on to your on-line banking. To make this happen as seamlessly as possible, it is important that we have your most up-to-date information. When you are speaking with one of our staff, please ask them to check that we have the correct phone number and address associated with your accounts. Also, if you have a joint account and you are both using the same log-on credentials, you will each need your own when this security feature is enabled. NBTA Credit Union knows we need to do whatever we can to ensure your privacy and your security when you choose to do business with us.


When I first came to work here, I was surprised when I received a very nice email thanking me for something I had done. Someone had taken the time out of their day to send me a quick note and it made my day. Since then, I have received many emails complimenting our staff members for going above and beyond when working with our members.


Here are some quotes from a couple of those emails:

“I appreciate you always being so responsive, communicative and supportive as our banking guru!”


“I just wanna say thank you for everything you’re one of the few bankers that actually make things pretty easy, and I appreciate that.”


Finally, I want to send all of you a huge THANK YOU for your continued patronage. I believe you have chosen to do business with us because we put our members first. Our vision is to be a leader in service to members with the best-trained and forward-thinking staff in a larger amalgamated credit union system.


Enjoy the rest of Summer and all it has to offer!!!



Margery Nichol

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this difficult time. Please observe all government warnings and social distancing/self-isolation recommendations. We will be meeting regularly to reassess how to best serve you during this unprecedented time. Stay safe!

– Margery Nichol, General Manager