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Payroll Savings Plan

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March Break isn't going to pay for itself.

Want to make your savings automatic? Looking for somewhere to save now that Canada Savings Bonds are ending? We can help!

Save for next Christmas, March Break, Summer vacation, or a rainy day with our Payroll Savings Plan.  Our Payroll Savings Plan can go to a regular savings account (currently paying 0.95%) or can be used to purchase investments. Some members also choose to have the funds inaccessible so that they are not tempted to withdraw the money before reaching their goal.

Want us to send you a cheque on a specific date like before Christmas or March Break?  We can do that too!

NBTA Credit Union is pleased to offer our Payroll Savings Plan for:

NB Teachers

UNB Employees

Teacher's Pension Plan

Direct Deposit to your NBTA account

Want to sign up to get your automatic savings started ASAP? Fill out the form below and we’ll help you get started!

Want to get started with a Payroll Savings plan?

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