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NBTA Credit Union

New Brunswick

Home Welcome APEGNB Members!

NBTA Credit Union was started in 1971 by a group of teachers from throughout New Brunswick as an alternative to traditional financial institutions for themselves and their families.  100% Member-Owned, we grew in popularity throughout the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s being able to offer great rates, great financial products, great service, and a history of returning profits to our membership.  In 2010, our Members voted to remove restrictions regarding who can join and use our services allowing us to expand our scope of service to the public and other professional groups.

Having a 40+ year history of servicing members of a professional association, we feel we have a lot to offer APEGNB Members including excellent rates, province-wide virtual services (online/phone/mobile), profit sharing, the potential for payroll deduction (contact us for details), unbiased financial opinions, wealth management, and an opportunity to participate in our organization by voting at our AGM or running for our Board.

Our services include:



Personal Loans (Vehicle, Renovation, Travel, etc.)

Personal Lines of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Mortgages (Excellent rates)

Various MasterCard options

Online / Mobile Banking

Toll-Free Telephone service in NB

Wealth Management / Investments

Foreign Exchange

Business Services

….and more.

We encourage any APEGNB Members who are interested in our services to contact us about joining or if you would like to speak to someone in depth about our services.  We look forward to serving your membership in the coming years – We’re here to help and serve you for all of your financial needs!

Contact Us:

Toll-Free in NB – 1-800-565-5626

Local Phone – 506-452-1724

Twitter – @NBTACreditUnion