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NBTA Credit Union AGM Highlights:

5% Rebate Declared

NBTA Credit Union held our 49th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 27th via video conference.  We would like to thank all members who were able to attend.  We hope our next AGM will be able to be held in person but, until safe, we will continue to use technology to balance safety with holding effective meetings.


Some highlights included:

  • Board of Directors Elected:  Sandra Boone, Jim Dysart, Bob Fitzpatrick and Ken McIntyre.
  • A 5% Patronage Rebate was declared.  This will be paid to our members no later than May 7th.  Please talk to our staff if you would like the funds above $800 in your 08 Surplus Shares account to be transferred after the rebate is paid.


Despite the challenges presented to NBTA Credit Union and our Members by the pandemic, we are proud of how we adapted to the changes and ultimately had a good year (all things considered).  We would like to thank our Members for their continued support and for referring many friends, colleagues and family members to us last year.  It pays to be a Member of NBTA Credit Union!


To review our General Manager’s and President’s reports, please see the document links below.


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