Young Savers – Under 17

SAM Accounts

NBTA Credit Union is pleased to offer our SAM Account specially tailored for students up to age 17. This account is free to our younger members and includes: Free ATM access, Free point of sale/direct debit transactions, Free Internet banking, Free pre-authorized debits, and Free passbooks or monthly statements. The SAM account earns interest at .25%. (calculated daily-paid monthly)]

Moonjars and Financial Education

NBTA Credit Union offers short seminars on Financial Education to help young people get in the habit of saving at a young age.

Adopt-A-School Program

The NBTA Credit Union has an Adopt-A-School program. This program is one of the most cherished programs that we offer. Each month one school in the New Brunswick system is randomly drawn to receive a cheque in the amount of $300 to be used however the staff of the school wishes. NBTA Credit Union has made an addition to its Adopt-A-School Program, and now too, makes a draw for a donation towards a Safe Grad activity each year.

Scholarships and Bursaries

NBTA Credit Union presents a minimum of five $1000 scholarships to students each year. Students may be in High School enrolling in University or College, previously enrolled in University or College , or Teachers continuing their education. These awards are available to students whose parents are members of the NBTA Credit Union as well as to any member of the NBTA Credit Union. The awards are non-renewable, but may be applied for again every year.

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