• reCAPTCHA Update to Online Banking

    - December 28, 2018

    You may have noticed a new “reCAPTCHA” box to check when logging into MemberDirect Online Banking recently.  This is a new security feature to help protect you from online threats.  We have since upgraded to another version of the service that does not involve checking the box.  Your account safety is our top priority!  If […]

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  • Referral Program Winner Announced

    - December 05, 2018

    Congratulations to Tracey Dale of Fredericton on being the first $1000 winner of our Referral Program draw this November.  Our new referral program launched in the Spring and will feature two draws like this per year.  To be entered, simply refer a new member to us and give them a referral card (available in-branch, download […]

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  • Credit Unions Top IPSOS Financial Service Excellence Awards

    - November 05, 2018

    NBTA Credit Union is proud to be a part of the cooperative financial movement in Canada.  Being a credit union represents a fundamental difference in how we look out for our Members’ best interests.  As a result, Canadians have voted Credit Unions as #1 in Customer Service Excellence (IPSOS) for the fifteenth straight year among […]

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  • Phishing Reminder

    - October 03, 2018

    We would like to remind our members to watch out for “phishing” emails and text messages.  Phishing emails and text messages, emails and texts that are fraudulent but appear like they are coming from legitimate sources, have been on the rise recently across Canada.  We would like to remind our members to remain vigilant and […]

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  • First Timer’s Guide to Credit Cards

    - September 12, 2018

    Are you getting your first Credit Card or know someone who is?  Credit Cards can be a convenient way to build credit, shop online, and book hotels and rental cars.  They can also be a way to hurt your credit or accumulate expensive debt.  To ensure you’re prepared, check out our First Timer’s Guide to […]

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  • New NBTA Credit Union Mastercards Now Available

    - June 01, 2018

    We’re excited to be launching our new line of Mastercard Credit Cards to our Members this week.  Cash back.  Low rate.  Great rewards.  We have a card to suit your lifestyle.  To learn more about our new line of Mastercards, please check out our new Mastercard website at this link.   First Timer’s Guide to Credit […]

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  • Service Charge Updates Effective August 1st

    - April 30, 2018

    It has been over nine years since NBTA Credit Union last made changes to our service charges.  With escalating costs, it is necessary to review our service charges periodically to ensure we are covering our costs while remaining cost-competitive with other financial institutions.  Though most changes will be nominal increases in fees, Overdraft Protection users […]

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  • 6% Rebate Paid / AGM Highlights

    - April 20, 2018

    We would like to thank all of our Members and guests who were able to attend our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 19.  As a province-wide financial institution, and with many of our Members outside of the Fredericton area, we put together a quick video of the highlights of the evening including a 6% […]

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  • Tips to Protect You From Fraud

    - March 22, 2018

    March is Fraud Awareness Month in Canada.  We’ve put together a short list of tips to protect our members from fraud here.  Anti Fraud Tips PDF

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  • Annual General Meeting To Be Held April 19

    - March 09, 2018

    Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to review our 2017 fiscal year will be held on Thursday, April 19 at the NBTF Building, 650 Montgomery Street, Fredericton.  Registration will begin at 6:30pm with the meeting beginning at 7:00pm.  All NBTA Credit Union Members are welcome and light refreshments will be served.  We look forward to seeing […]

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